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Rowing Parents Support on #notNSR weekend

FREE e-learning content and FREE 1-2-1 online sessions

These are trying times for all of us, and at HPP we want to do all we can to support you to cope with the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in.  So, from today all our e-learning material will be available for FREE (usually £19.99 – £29.99) and online one to one sessions will be FREE (usually £40 per hour)

Who is it for?

Our e-learning courses are for teenage, independent athletes; parents of athletes; parent and young athlete working together; or coaches of young athletes.  One to one sessions are for anyone facing a challenge in their sporting journey.

How to access this free stuff??

  • DO NOT try to register for this on our website.
  • Email me on
  • If you want e-learning, tell me which e-learning course you want (see ‘Learning On The Go’ below, you can have as many as you like)
  • I will send you all the content including support documents as a series of PDFs
  • If you want a one to one session send me some brief details of the challenge you are facing and we can set up a suitable time to e-meet.

We’ll get through this team!

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Not directly #sport related but essential viewing for everyone #TheSchoolThatTriedtoEndRacism EVERYSCHOOL IN THE UK SHOULD RUN THIS’s eye opening and amazing. #BLMUK #unconsciousbias #SystemicRacism

The Best of Wimbledon, just seen 2nd round Becker vs Doohan from ‘87...Becker, reigning champion, lost. Post match interview...”I lost a tennis match, nobody died, it isn’t a war. I tried my best but I didn’t play well. He played better” Perfect response. Accept, and move on.

Maybe the Corona gods knew something we didn’t....not sure it’s the weather for summer racing on or by the river! #HenleyAtHome #HenleyRoyalRegatta #rowing #pimms #racing #myhatblewaway #belowtheknee #blazerson

I love this #team

Twitter feed video.I love this #team
Chase Topliff@CoachTopliff

This is what it’s all about! A couple weeks ago, this young man struggled to box jump onto a 45lb plate. Today, he conquered the 12” box and his teammates were extremely excited for him! #C4L #TPW

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Do you have a child or teen in high level sports? Find out what you can do to help your child through the emotional ups and downs of getting selected for teams, facing failures, and unfair situations that are an unavoidable part of sport with today’s guest and the founder of High Performance Parenting, Eira Parry.

Courtside Podcast

Andy Burns, tennis parent extraordinaire, and founder of the organisation Courtside is in the process of producing a bank of Podcasts specifically for sporting parents.  We had the pleasure of recording one with him, click on the link to the left to listen to the HPP podcast.  If your child is into any sport from abseiling to athletics, rowing to rugby, tennis to taekwondo….there’s something at Courtside for you.



RowingChat with RowPerfect

Recently, I had the great honour and pleasure of being a guest on the RowPerfect RowingChat series.  It was lovely to spend an hour chatting all things rowing and parenting with RowPerfect’s Rebecca.  If you missed the live show, you can catch up on YouTube and hear lots of advice on the highs and lows of parenting a young rower.

Organisations We Recommend

These are some of the wonderful organisations we have worked with in the past.