Paralympics – 100 Days to Go

Firstly, thanks to everyone who we spoke to over this weekend at National Schools Regatta.  It was a wonderful weekend of great weather and fantastic racing.  Well done to EVERYONE who took part, competitors, coaches, spectators and organisers, the whole event had a positive vibe and was a real spectacle of sport as a tool for good.  Please don’t forget that our special NSR discount code for booking workshop places runs until the end of Tuesday (31st May)

Secondly, I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon recently at Leander Club interviewing the Relph family.  It was a really great insight into the lives of two inspiring young athletes, one of whom is on a quest to defend her Paralympic title in Rio.  And also an opportunity to talk to their Mum, and get an idea of what it has been like to parent these ambitious young women.

The full interview will be posted on our website soon, but to mark 100 days to go until the Paralympic Games in Rio, I would like to share a short trailer with you.

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