Advice from Sporting Parents

This month, I am sharing with you an email I received from a parent I met through my work with the CityParents network. It’s great to hear feedback and ideas from parents who are experiencing the challenges of supporting a young ambitious athlete.  If you have stories you would like to share with us, please do get in touch.

Just a quick note to tell you this weekend my daughter competed in her first Junior GB Elites competition. She came away with a Bronze and 5th in her age! Due to her overall performance, she has been invited for an assessment camp for a spot on Junior Team GB in October. She is very pleased with herself!

Again, another heartfelt thanks for your advice. When I spoke to you, my daughter was going through her Critical Turning Point so didn’t really expect such a result. Instead, we were simply celebrating that my daughter had the confidence in herself to actually compete at this level, and that her results honestly didn’t matter. We also noticed that leaving her decision completely up to her made her so much more focussed in her training in the 6 weeks leading up to the competition too.

I’d like to also share another one of my discoveries/experiences with you if I may? In her competitions, the scores are given immediately after each round and the rankings are updated live via an app accessible to all. This app is constantly referred to in the competition by parents and competitors. However, we always advise our daughter during her competitions, to only look at her own scores and not listen to the other competitors scores or ask anyone what her current rank is. However, I told my husband that we don’t follow that advice ourselves, and perhaps we should! So this time around, we didn’t use the scores app and simply cheered our daughter and her other team mates on, and didn’t pay too much attention to her other competitors scores. Although it was hard, it made the whole competition genuinely much less stressful and enjoyable. At the end, her result feel like a wonderful surprise.

Thanks again Eira!

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