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Mental Strength Training

Who is this course designed for?

This e-learning course is designed for PARENTS / CARERS of young athletes and represents a vital tool for supporting children through sport.  It will have particular benefit for sports such as golf or tennis where parents are expected to prepare and accompany their young athletes to competitions without the coach’s input.  It gives vital tools for mental preparation, focus and reflection pre, during and post competition.  It will also be invaluable resource for coaches and more mature, independent athletes looking for a structured framework to develop mental strength.

Eira Parry, the main author of this course, comes from a background of high performance sport and coupled with being a step-parent to an Olympian, brings a wealth of experience delivered in an easy to understand format.

Special thanks goes to High Performance Parenting intern Heidi Christie (BSc Hons Psychology and MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology) for her tireless research in developing this Mental Strength Training Module.

What will this course teach you?

This module is a step by step guide covering three key topics:

  • Dealing with disappointment

  • Coping with stress and nerves

  • Maintaining focus during competitions

Downloadable Resources

This course includes various resources which can be printed off and used to support and individualise the course content.


Please note that this course belongs to High Performance Parenting and is protected by copyright laws. Reproduction and distribution of any part of this course is prohibited.



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