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Nutrition for Sport

Who is this course designed for?

This e-learning course is designed for PARENTS / CARERS of young sportspeople who play a major role in providing nutrition for them.  It is also suitable for young sportspeople and sports coaches who wish to educate themselves about good nutritional choices for athletes involved in any sport.

Eira Parry, the author of this course, comes from a background of high performance sport and coupled with being a step-parent to an Olympian, brings a wealth of experience delivered in an easy to understand format.

Special thanks go to Vicky Thornley, Olympic Silver Medallist, for her advice in designing this Nutrition for Athletes module.

What will this course teach you?

By the end of this course you will have a good understanding of the components of a good diet for athletes.

You will understand when your young athlete needs to eat around training and competition.

You will have the opportunity to design a perfect recovery snack for your young athlete, which delivers all the right nutritional components and is motivating to eat.

You will have the opportunity to check your athlete’s current daily / weekly eating plan and modify it to ensure delivery of sufficient protein and carbohydrates.

You will gain an understanding of the use of supplements and the need for care when selecting a supplement.

You will gain an understanding of the methods to employ when giving your child medicine and /or supplements to avoid an accidental anti-doping rule violation for your young athlete.

Downloadable Resources

This course includes various resources which can be printed off and used to support and individualise the course content.


Please note that this course belongs to High Performance Parenting and is protected by copyright laws. Reproduction and distribution of any part of this course is prohibited.



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