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Off to University – Advice for Athletes

Who is this course designed for?

This e-learning course is designed for young ATHLETES who are about to leave home for university, or any educational course away from home.  The changes encountered when taking up a university place and moving away, represent one of the biggest transitions of a young persons life.  Couple that with a commitment to sport and it can be quite a challenge to balance all the elements required.  The early years of university are widely recognised as having one of the highest drop out rates from sport.  If you are a young person who is passionate about sport, but you also want a good education, this course will give you the support and advice to make both work for you.

Eira Parry, the main author of this course, comes from a background of high performance sport and coupled with being a step-parent to an Olympian, brings a wealth of experience delivered in an easy to understand format.  Eira coached for many years at a university sports club where athletes balanced international sport with gaining good qualifications.

What will this course teach you?

This module is a step by step guide covering the following:

  • Sport/life balance
  • Nutrition on a budget
  • Understanding anti-doping rules
  • Avoiding illness and injury
  • The Independent athlete
  • Advice from the experts

Downloadable Resources

This course includes various resources which can be printed off and used to support and individualise the course content.  The course takes approximately 2 hours to work through completely, including watching the videos and using the resources.  It is valid for 52 weeks so you can work through it at your own pace and dip into it for reference, support and advice throughout the whole of your first year.

Please note that this course belongs to High Performance Parenting and is protected by copyright laws. Reproduction and distribution of any part of this course is prohibited.

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