I am a parent who wants my child to be active

Children in the British Isles have recently been measured as among the least active in the world.  The Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance, has graded the countries of the British Isles D to F.  Meaning at best, less than half of the child and youth population are achieving healthy levels of activity and, at worst, very few are achieving healthy levels.

The effects of such a sedentary lifestyle for our young people will not only affect them during childhood, but have an impact on them throughout their lives.  The sorts of things we are talking about are increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, strokes, dementia and depression.  The children of the British Isles desperately need to move more!

Are you worried about the activity levels of your child and how that might impact their health now and into their future?  Do you wish that your child loved running about, climbing trees or riding their bike instead of being stuck on the sofa welded to their phone?

At High Performance Parenting we can support parents in a variety of ways.

We have a variety of e-learning modules in development.  They are a time and cost effective way of getting the information you need to support your child.  ‘Developing an Active Child’ is full of ideas and actions to help you get your child off the sofa and active in their environment.  Click the button above for more information on our e-learning modules.

We work with schools delivering workshops and presentations for parents, to support them in encouraging more activity in their child.  Click the link above for more information and share it with your child’s school if you would like them to arrange a workshop.  Read what other parents say about our workshops here.

Sometimes parents and children face sensitive challenges and want the security of a 1-2-1 session. Or maybe you need some individual support to get you started with a more active lifestyle for your child. That’s where a 1-2-1 can really help set both child and parent on track to enjoying the benefits that an active lifestyle can bring. Click the button to get in contact for more information on a 1-2-1.

Tips & Tricks for Parents

1. You don’t have to win, you don’t even have to be good at it – just doing any activity is good for a child’s body and mind.


2. Children who are encouraged and supported to try things out of their comfort zone are more likely to grow into fearless, confident adults.


3. Traditional sports aren’t for everyone, some children may prefer curling to cricket or skateboarding to swimming – be as open to their preferences as you can.


4. Children see their parents as role models, they tend to end up doing what you do.  Get involved in sport and activity yourself and show them how fun it can be.