I am the parent of a young athlete

At High Performance Parenting we work with parents to help make their children’s sporting dreams come true, in any sport at any level.  Whether your child dreams of Olympic glory, of representing their county or country or of making it onto the school rounders team, we’re here to help you support them on their way.

Helping your child achieve sporting success can involve you being an expert in so many areas. Are you feeding them the right food? Are they doing the right amount of training? Are they robust enough?  It can be a minefield and leave parents feeling out of their depth and lacking in confidence.

At High Performance Parenting we can support parents in a variety of ways:

Our first e-learning modules for parents of athletes are now available.  We have two titles ‘Nutrition for Athletes’ and ‘Mental Strength Training’.  They are designed for parents to work through with young athletes to give vital support on the sporting journey.  They would also be suitable for older athletes to use independently, or for coaches to use as a framework for delivering nutritional and psychological support to athletes and their parents.  We have a variety of other titles in development. Click the button above for more information.

We have been working with sports clubs and schools for many years, delivering tailored workshops and presentations for parents on a whole host of subjects.  Click the link above for more information and share it with your child’s club or school  if you would like them to arrange a workshop.  Click here to read what other parents say about our workshops.

Sometimes parents and young athletes face difficult challenges in their sport and want the security of a 1-2-1 session.  Or maybe the query that you have is specific and you just need a clear answer to one question.  That’s where a 1-2-1 can really help and set both athlete and parent back on track and enjoying the journey through sport.  Click the button above to get in contact for more information on a 1-2-1.

What to Expect - clips from a workshop with Yorkshire Carnegie Rugby Academy for boys

Tips & Tricks for Parents

Try to remember that it’s their game, not yours.  Even though as parents we have a huge influence over our children, at the end of the day they are their own person and their preferences are not necessarily your preferences.  A child doing sport just to please their parents is not a truly happy child, or one likely to go a long way in that sport.  They need to love what they do, even if you don’t.

Try not to do everything for them.  The best young athletes are the ones that know how to look after themselves.  I know it’s tempting to make all their meals, do all their laundry and generally just let them worry about their sport.  But your young athlete is going to grow into an adult sooner than you think.  That adult athlete needs to know how to cook, clean and look after themselves, so as they get older, looking for opportunities for independence and learning is a great policy.

Try not to put unnecessary pressure on your child.  Of course you want them to succeed, they probably want that too, but piling pressure on them will eventually cause them to crack.  The fact that your child is willing to engage in sport in a public place and put themselves in a position where they might fail is worthy of praise in itself.  If they win, that’s great and it deserves celebration.  But if they lose, that’s ok too.  It represents a great opportunity to learn and reflect on what they are doing, they should never feel afraid to make mistakes and neither should you.

Follow some key players in your child’s sport on social media.  This will give you a real insight into their sport at a high level and help you to empathise with the challenges your child faces.  Understanding what the main events are and who the role models are in the sport will help you to engage with your child about their sport in a fun way, without stepping out of the parent’s role and into the coach’s role.